Double hugged frog

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  • Unique double hugged body design
  • Super-soft collapsable body increases hook-ups
  • Premium quality double back hooks
  • hollow big body can float on the surface of water
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Kmucutie Fishing Tackle supply hundreds of models and colors frog baits, mouse lures and soft bird lures, quality BASF material with strong hooks, lifelike real frogs, to achieve great fishing effect. So they could be called bass killer. The kmucutie frog baits are popular in market, based our quality and professional service.

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CHFW-16 Double Frog Lure Wholesale

The double hugged  body frog, a floating surface lure, will attract big fish as it weightlessly glides left and right across the surface. Anatomical accuracy, detailed color and effortless action make the hollow body  frog a first to the market, elevating the thrill of topwater fishing to a whole new level.
The hollow double hugged design is the perfect choice for fishing over weed choked areas or lily pads. The weedless design allows it  to be worked over the cover without hanging up.

Size: 50mm 12g     Hook: 2/0

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