Resin head trolling lure

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CHOCT5-8C Resin Head Trolling Lures Product name Resin head trolling lure

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Type Octopus fishing skirt lure 
Material:  High quality rubber, silicone,soft plastic
Head:  Resin
Eyes:  Movable big 3 D eyes
Colors: 5 colors,purple, yellow, green,blue, pink
Length: 8 inch
Weight: 75 g

1.Made of resin head and PVC skirts.
2.Pure resin head, no eyes, clear head.
3.Top quality PVC skirts,high simulation.
4.Skirts can be changed colors as your request.
5.For big game fishing, Marlin, Tuna, Wahoo and so on.
6.Perfect action in water, attract fish well.
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