10PCS Fluorescent Squid Cuttlefish Sleeve Jig Fishing Lure Bait Head Hooks

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Fishing lures

These top quality Squid Jigs are your choice to catch squid. It comes with stainless steel barbs. Its body also comes with glow effect so that it will attract squid in the dark. Just bring this jig near the bright light source for a few seconds then it will glow Length: 3.3 inches Weight :0.014kg Per PCS 10PCSFluorescent Squid Cuttlefish Sleeve Jig Head Hooks Fluorescent hard bait With dual-layer sharp split hooks With Protected Box ideal for catching fish like sleeve-fish, squid, octopus
Squids have very good eyesight, their eyes are huge when compared with the size of their body.
This is why they are able to see your squid jig/lure even when it’s very dark. This is another reason why they are able to hunt at night. Because of the squid amazing eye sight. your setup needs to be very invisible, especially when it’s a full moon. Preferably you go for fluoro-carbon line and the size range between 0.22 to 0.28mm depending on when you are fishing. Reason being that at the end of the season the squid will be quite big so you need a thicker line. At the end of the line attach a swivel so then you will be able to change your squid lures very easily. Make sure the swivel is stainless steel so you don’t have to change it often due to rust.

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