8Color 160g Slow lead Jigs CHLPSL27

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Lead Metal Jigs Wholesale

Kmucutie fishing tackle supply quality lead metal jigs, jigging saltwater fishing lures; including different weights and design, to suit different customers need.

The lead jigs include slow sinking jigs and speed sinking jigs, weight: 10g 20g 40g 60g 80g 100g 120g 150g 160g 180g 200g 225g 250g, different models and design.

If you are a retailer of a fishing tackle shop, if you are the purchasing of fishing tackle products, or if you are a wholesaler in local city, just please contact us and find your interested ones.


You could get our brand packaging jigging lure “Kmucutie”, you could do your customized packaging with your logo, you could also the the no logo packaging!


160g Lead Jigs for Quick Delivery

CHLPSL27  160g metal jigs


  • UV reactive coating on surface
  • 2D tear-shaped eyes
  • Colorful appearance
  • Exquisite workmanship
  • 160g 8 colors are available


Now we have 4 colors instock, for quick delivery; if you like them, just leave message to me below to order;

Packaging no logo or with our logo “kmucutie”, both available

160g metal jigs wholesale




If you prefer more colors, we could produce the colors for you, please refer to the color chart below:

8 colors:






1. When can I get the prices?
We feedback to customers in 24 hours at working days. Please leave meassage to me for your inquiry.
2. How can I get samples or products?
Please reply me the model number of your interested products, and quantity you may need.
After you are satisfied with the prices and shipping, please make payment to us, and I will send you samples.
3. What is the payment method?
Paypal, T/T are available
4. What is the delivery time for mass production?
It depends on the product items, and quantity of your order, generally 7-25 working days.
For details, please contact with us.

Send inquiry to sales:

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