Baitball fish group wholesale discount-Crankbait&Minnow bait&Popper fishing lures

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Discount fishing tackle

Baitball wholesale discount

The baitball fishing lures, which creat a group of fishes swimming in water, are more attractive for big fishes, become a popular and lifelike fishing lures in market.


We process the baitball fishing lures below, as a sales promotion, give our wholesale customers a discount prices;

We keep the baits in our warehouse, aim to achive quick delivery, and quantity limited;

Smaller quantity requirements for wholesale price, feedback fishing tackle shops


Sales Promotion Details:

Time: 20.Oct-31.Oct

Products: CHMN27 CHMN28 CHMN29 CHMN30

Details as below


CHMN27  Baitball wholesale crankbaits fish group

Sales Price:2.35USD/piece

baitball wholesale

Products nameBait ball hard lure
Original placeHebei Province, China mainland
MaterialABS and lead weight
PaintingEnviromental Friendly UV Painting
Split RingsQuality 304 stainless Steel Split Rings
HookOwner 4# hook
Eyes3D eyes
Min oerder20pcs
Depth0-2.5m under water


Packing: OPP bag

The bait ball hard lure using a design of fish grills,  vivid color, can betterable attract the attention of fish.
The basic design for body fat( top heavy),strokes exaggerates swing amplitude, thus named (Rock Lure).

CHMN28 Baitball 3 fish group popper fishing lure

Sales Price:2.35USD/piece

baitball wholesale

Products name3 fishes in one Baitball hard lure popper
Size120mm / 27g (4.7in. /0.95 oz.)
MaterialPlastic and lead weight
ActionTop Water Floating
Feature•Mimics a small school of floating baitfish

•Lifelike colors

•3D holographic eyes

•Two super-sharp No. 6 hooks

•Triggers an instinctive predator response



CHMN29  Baitball fishing lure wholesale minnow popper bait

Sales Price:2.4USD/piece

baitball wholesale

Size: 75mm 12.5g

Hook: #4 VMC, Mustad, BKK and Domestic China Origin Hook available.

Eyes: 3D Lase Eyes.

Painting: Enviromental Friendly UV Painting.

Split Rings: Quality 304 stainless Steel Split Rings.


CHMN30  Baitball Minnow Fishing Lure Wholesale

Sales Price:2.4USD/piece
baitball wholesale
Products name 90 mm 11g  Minnow Jerkbait lure Artificial lure hard lure
Size90mm / 11g (3.55 inch. /0.3855 oz.)
MaterialPlastic and lead weight
Feature•Mimics a small school of fleeing baitfish

•Appearance nature

•Lifelike colors

•3D holographic eyes

•Moderate-sized lip

•Two super-sharp hooks

•Triggers an instinctive predator response


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