Bucktail jigs soft lures customer reviews

Bucktail jigs soft lures customer reviews parts
Customer review:

5.0 out of 5 stars Work great, value for the price

These work well if you have the right expectations. I use them in rocky areas/jetties with a lot of snags, where losing the higher quality big brand jig that these are knocked-off from would really hurt the wallet. These cost about 1/3 of the name brand jigs. Hooks need to be touched up immediately because they are not super sharp, but they are pretty strong and have held up to a few 30lb stripers without straightening. They handle fluke and other smaller fish easily. Paint chips a little when working the rocks all day but at the price I did not expect it to hold up, Bucktail held up fine. I recommend these as long as you do not expect them to last for multiple seasons!

Customer review:

I feel like a pro using them

Wow I really cant believe how well these work on rockfish/stripers. I feel like a pro using them. I just troll them along 1oz with my kayak and bam, the stripers have been striking them. I haven’t caught anything else with them though. I have used the glow/chartruese color and the orange/chartruese color and both have worked equally well. Everyday I take these things out dinner is a gaurantee.

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