CH6J01 multi  joints lure Forked-Tail Baitfish hard lure

CH6J01 multi joints lure Forked-Tail Baitfish hard lure


Products namemulti  joints lure Forked-Tail Baitfish hard lure
Size102mm / 25g (4.0 in. /0.88 oz.)
ActionSlow Sinking
Feature•Wide shad profile

•Multi joint body design

•Special body printing

•3D holographic eyes

•Two super-sharp #6  hooks

•Triggers an instinctive predator response


A wide shad profile, vivid color and multi joint body design make amazing swimming action in water with uncanny realism.

It’s a slow-sinking lure that descends to submerged structures where big fish lurk.

A special printing process transfers an actual image of a live baitfish onto the lure,

resulting in color and detail only a real fish can match.

Teamed with a natural swimming action, Lifelike appearance appeal the big predators can’t resist.

Rigged with quality super shape hooks.


CH6J01_5 CH6J01_12 CH6J01-5 CH6J01-4CH6J01-1

5 pcs Fishing Lure 6 Segment Swimbait 25g 102mm with 2 fishing hook

6 segments fishing lure.
2 strong and sharp treble hooks.
3D lifelike eyes.
High resolution body detail.
Smooth and rapid diving action.
Life-like swimming actions in water to provoke predator to bite.
Durable ABS material contributing to long service life.
Suitable for different kinds of fishes, wonderful tool for fishing lovers.

Material: ABS
Length: Approx. 102mm / 4 in
Weight: Approx. 25g / 0.75oz


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