Chomp Game Fishing Lures Rigged Skirted Resin Head 175g 11.5″ 290mm Trolling x4

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Fishing lures

4 color trolling fishing lures
Up for Sale is a bulk pack of 4 Chomp Lures Rigged, Skirted, Resin Head Lures in 4 different colors.
These skirted lures are top quality rigged lures, with large heavy duty hooks and heavy leader.
Great lures for marlin, big tuna & more. 4 brilliant colors are included.
The best color lure for any given day can be different so, the best way to make sure you are using a lure that the fish will respond to is to have a variety of colors available.
Here’s what you get
4 x 11.5″ Lures (290mm long) in 4 different color combinations Large-cupped resin head features resin encased reflectors and eyes Large extra heavy gauge 12/0 forged high carbon steel hooks with knifepoint and Perma steel finish. Hook length 98mm, wire gauge 5mm Dia 400lb mono leader approximately 4.5 meters long Lures feature double skirts in 4 different colors with some lumos Perfect for marlin, big tuna and more

For Trolling fishing: 4.5”, 6.5”, 7”, 8”, 9”, 11” soft, hard, metal head double skirt trolling lures, Circle hooks and tuna hooks, 4x,6x fishing lines. Quick assemble and custom unique products for you order. The above fishing use accessory, package etc. Big game fishing reel. Spear bar( 4 Arm, 6 Arm, 9 arm etc),Trolling rods.

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