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Fishing lures

Hi everyone, well the year is rapidly coming to an end. we had a very good year more than tripled last years sales. The profit level is still very low, but we did sell a bunch of lure covers!!! 

 I have decided to try google ads again and also facebook ads and amazon ads. I will test them for a couple of months and if I see no big difference  I will stop them. 

My biggest joy is the NEW APP- I hope every one would just do a search on the app store type in fishing tackle covers and see if we pop up. 

 Well hope every one had a nice Christmas, I did, Mom is still getting around pretty good, we did get to Ephrata to see her daughter and family. She did good and as always seems to be the case, during the white elephant exchange she got the boobie prize- she got a Pilates thing and  a box of 1000 drinking games and the prized Obama jig saw puzzle. She did say that they would make a nice bon fire!! she is so funny.  Oh well solves the problem of what to give next year!!! We had beautiful weather for the holiday, no snow and not very cold for the time of year! We just now got snow Dec29th a couple of inches of fluffy snow. It is turning colder it was 9 degrees when I got up this morning and is now 21 or so, but the sun is shining bright!!!

Well I am ready for the New Year!!! I will try to add to this blog often!!!. Please if you read this and you have bought covers from us I would love pictures of them in use send them to my email or post them on my facebook page  Thanks so much!!!

And do check out our new app.


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