Factory direct selling metal jigging lures 100g 150g 350g for saltwater fishing

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Fishing lures


Lead fish head wear non-embroidered steel wire, the whole into, the surface with imported bronzing paper, high-temperature pressing is not easy to fall off, lead cap light is not easy to paint, super realistic 3D fish eyes,
This product in the color and shape of the application of bionics principles, in the water has an excellent lure of small fish.


Selection of jigging lures

jigging lures general choice of 70-150 grams is enough, such as the tide of water in the weather to sea or to the ocean Saddle Reef, it is recommended to take 150 grams-200 grams  to go to sea, otherwise the trend is urgent, the jigging lures will be too floating.


General Light Dark when the choice of pink, gold, silver for good, light, choose blue, green and other colors relatively not bright color for good.
often encounter fish only bite a certain color of the iron plate, such as last month out of a day at noon, the sun is strong, incredibly fish only bite silver plate. So we go to sea fishing, all color jigging lures is best.

Jeff qiu, Marketing manager

Kmucutie International Co,.Ltd

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