Fishing lures squid jigs CHS011

Fishing lures squid jigs CHS011


squid jigs


Size :1.5# / 1.8# / 2.0# / 2.5# / 3.0# / 3.5# / 4.0#
Material : ABS plastic with cloth coating
Color : multi color and customized
Package : one squid jig with one pvc box

Kmucutie squid jigs features :

1. ABS plastic body , in Japanese quality , durable to use .
2. Bright colors wrapped with the body , to attract the fishes effectively .
3, Luminous body design and sparkle cloth cover, glow in deep water and darkness.
4. 3D big eyes design makes it lifelike the real shrimp
5. Durable enough stainless steel hook and double fan-shape design , not easy to unhook.
6. Many colors and weights can be selected , application for any weather and any territorial waters layers.

Squid Jigs description

We produce the quality Squid jigs , including different molds , colors , weights and sizes ; such as luminous body and tail design , sparkle cloth cover , LED light inside design , 3D big eyes , single or double fan-shape hooks and so on .
The squid jigs is a great fishing tool for saltwater fishing , such as squid , cuttlefish and octopus cacthing . We supply the squid jigs with Japanese quality , lifelike real shrimp to attract the fishes .

About our service

1, We are manufacturer and we can supply OEM service, just send us your request. Sample will be sent you to confirm within 15 days.
2, Help you design the LOGO, and printed paper card.
3, Free sample available.
4, We have a large quantity of inventory,don’t worry about the delivery time.
5, The fastest and safest and cheapest transportation company we cooperated with, you will catching the squid jigs without any delay.
6, If there is any quality problem after you received the squid jigs,just contact with our sales, you can return back the squid jigs or exchange it.

About delivery time

1, If we have stock,we will delivery the good immediately after received your payment.
2, If you need to customized, General around 10-45 working days after sample confirmed,due to the order quantity.

Payment term

T/T , Paypal , West Union , Alibaba credit insurance.

About shipping

About shipping there are 2 options, one is airplane shipping, one is sea shipping.
1, Airplane shipping is more fast and more convenient, generally 4 to 7 days can be arrived to your door.
2, Sea shipping is more cheap, it is adapted when the goods heavy enough.
Whichever shipping options will be adapted, we will send you a clearly shipping cost list.

Company Profile

Kmucutie fishing tackle company is a professional manufacturer to produce a series of fishing lures , Our main products is Squid jigs , Lead jigs , Trolling lures , Bucktail jigs , Fishing rods , Fishing reels . These products are marketed and sold throughout the United States , Australia , Japan , New Zealand , Mexico , Brazil , Southeast Asia , and countries around the world . We supply you the largest widest selection of fishing lures with excellent quality , competitive price and the best customer service .

Some squid jigs playing skills to help catch the big fish and enjoy your fishing.

In recent years, due to the equipment is simple and cost less to fishing for squid,octopus and cuttlefish, The squid jigs is more and more popular for the fishing lovers.
In fact, fishing for squid is not difficult. If you want to catch squid, you still need to understand well the habit of the squid.The squid is a kind of soft body ocean life with conical shape,pale body,pale brown spots,large head,10 feet in front, and very good vision. Often in groups of oceans that are about 20 meters deep. Like to hide in the reef seams. The squid like to eat shrimp,small fish,shells.
The squid jigs is more economy, There are ordinary and luminous type.
According to the seasons, the squid size is different. Generally, from June to September, you can choose the 2.5# and 3.0# squid jigs. From October to next year February, you can choose the 3.0# and 3.5# squid jigs. When is water depth or water flow is large, you can wrap some lead wire or tin wire on the squid jigs. The more sparkle on the surface to better to fishing. The good catching colors include yellow, orange, red, blue, green.

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