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Fishing lures

Well it is June and I am still getting the boat ready to go fishing. I picked up a new ARCH from Rod Dog Arches out of Anacortes,WA. I saw his ad in the Northwest Sportsman Magazine and got ahold of him and he made one for me it is beautiful!! -The welding looks textbook.

I have it installed and now am outfitting it. I bought a 50″ led light bar for the front and a 10″ light bar for the rear along with spreader lights for the sides, so am installing them. I will not have problems seeing in the early mornings!!

 I also just bought a Comet 60″ dual band VHF/UHF antenna for my Ham radio. So that will be handy.

 So need to finish that up and get it geared up for the season.

 We finally are getting hot weather today is over 80 degrees. 

Well, I just looked and so far 8686  Chinook Salmon have crossed Wells Dam which is the last dam with a fish ladder. The Okanagan River is running high and muddy but not so much from snow run off as our snow pack this year was light but due to some heavy rain storms the last week. I am sure the Methow river is up as well. 

Well I am sewing like crazy trying to get way ahead in case I get some big orders, I have been advertising a lot, and made a big sale from a fisherman in Western WA that saw the ad in Northwest Sportsman Magazine!! 

 That is all I have for now. Be sure to check out our new app! and get out there and do some fishing!!

 Until next time be safe and have fun

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