Introducing the Japan Fishing Tackle News (JFTN). Releasing all kinds of information on fishing in Japan! Extremely useful on your visit to Japan!

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%ef%bd%8a%ef%bd%86%ef%bd%94%ef%bd%8e%ef%bc%bfshow_400_267 Japan Fishing Tackle News (JFTN) is a website that sends out all kinds of information on fishing in Japan. The site is extremely useful for those in the fishing gear industry outside of Japan, and for anglers visiting Japan.

 JFTN releases information on new fishing gears, fishing stores, and fishing gear companies in Japan, types of fishing trending in Japan, fishing areas in Japan, and other information on Japan such as sightseeing and restaurants.

 JFTN has English and Chinese (simplified) sites. Users can select the language on the upper right hand corner of the screen.

 The map will especially be useful for visiting Japan. The initial version introduces information including fishing gear shops in western Japan (Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, Wakayama, and Shiga prefectures). It is also useful for those landing on the Kansai International Airport. The map will include information on wider areas in the future.

・How to use the map

%ef%bd%8a%ef%bd%86%ef%bd%94%ef%bd%8e%ef%bc%bf400%ef%bc%bf276  Smartphone
Touch the screen, and the map will spread out onto the entire screen. Pressing the “Filter your results” button at the bottom will reveal the menu. Select “RECOMMEND.” Fishing gear shops most recommended by the site will appear on the map. Select “TAX FREE” and the tax free shops will appear on the map. Other selections on the menu has the same function, showing the selected item on the map. Please try various selections.

Press and select the “RECOMMEND” beneath the map. Fishing gear shops most recommended by the site will appear on the map. Other pins will also appear on the map, when selections are made. Pins will disappear when selections are cancelled. The rest is the same as on the smart phone.

Please take this chance to get acquainted with fishing and fishing gear in Japan, and let us know your opinions and requests. We look forward to seeing you all! Bon voyage!

Website Operator: MEIKO TSUSHIN SHA CO.,LTD. (We are a famous fishing related publisher in Japan with over 60 years of history)

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