JULY 2015

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well the Salmon season has opened and the fish came to play as did a ton of Fishermen here to Brewster!!!

The Wells Dam count is Chinook- 27,467 this year so far and 2,233 were counted on July 2nd!! but this is crazy- The sockeye count is 56,594 this year with 11,712 counted on July 2nd wow wow wow that is a bunch of fish!! And their destination is Lake Osoyoos in BC but they will not go up the Okanogan until the water gets the right temperature and that will not happen anytime soon. that is a lot of hungry fish waiting and piling up at the mouth of the River in the mainstream Columbia. The boat launch isn Brewster is packed all the way up to the High School parking lots.

 The camping areas have been booked so not much of a chance there. We do have a new launch in Bridgeport and not sure if that is all filled up. There is also a new launch below Wells Dam that I have not had a chance to check out yet.. Pateros is full I imagine.

 It is super HOT HOT HOT here, but will cool off soon I think. There is a Salmon seminar in Pateros on July 10th that every one should go to, I am going to try my best to go. Jerrod Gibbons of the Okanogan Valley Guide service and Ron Oules of Reelentless Guide Service will be talking and I have seen them both put tons of fish in their boats, and have attended Jerrod’s seminars before and he does a great job and will answer all questions. I have not heard Ron talk so that will be interesting!! check out the Fishin Magician’s web page for more information!

 I have not been out yet but will soon and will post pictures!!Thanks for stopping by my web site. Have a nice July and for goodness sake use your sunscreen while in the sun and be careful!! 

Mike and Mom

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