Kmucutie Bullet head trolling lures for wahoo

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CHOCT3 Bullet head trolling lures for wahoo Item numberCHOCT3

Artificial trolling lures

Materials Resin head PVC skirts

Length 9 inch Weight 32g

Colors Various colors

Package One piece in an opp bag

MOQ 200 pcs

Features: 1.Bullet head lures are proven to be very productive for catching all game fish.

2.Double skirted and unrigged.

3.Perfect for Dolphins, Tuna, Kingfish and so on.

4.can be trolled at higher speeds and slightly below the surface Rigged bubble metal jet head trolling lures for wahoo

Description Kmucutie Fishing Tackle suppliers many kinds trolling lures, covering the entire spectrum of offshore pelagics.

Whether high speed trolling for Wahoo, trolling for Tuna and Dolphin, covering large swaths of blue water for Marlin or night time trolling for Swordfish, Kmucutie trolling lures are all you will ever need. Below is the rigged bubble metal jet head trolling lures.

Rigged bubble metal jet head trolling lures CHOCT2 for wahoo

Details: Type: Rigged bubble metal jet head trolling lure

Length: 7inch/8inch Weight: 32g/62g

Package: opp bag CHOCT2 “Bubble Bomber” Lure is Effective at Targeting Saltwater Gamefish such as Mahi Mahi (Dolphin/Dorado), Tuna, Kingfish, Wahoo and much other Saltwater Gamefish.

The main feature of these trolling lures is the Deep Cupped Face that will scoop up heaps of water and force it out the side jets. Unlike other jets its made to really grab in and create heavy drag.


1.Rigged with 150lb leader and heavy duty stainless steel trolling hook.

2.Skirt by PVC Material, head by material Copper chrome plating.

3.Fish Species: Wahoo, Giant Trevally (GT), Kingfish, Mackerel, Mahi-Mahi, Marlin, Tuna.

4.Features: Big Game, Near-shore, Off-shore, Skirted, Trolling. Green machine style trolling lure CHOCT6 for wahoo Description Bullet head lures are proven to be very productive for catching all game fish species inshore and offshore. The Bullet-Nobs have a tapered pentagon, precision balanced weight with the highly reflective Holographic finish. This lure can be trolled at higher speeds and slightly below the surface.

Bullet head green machine style unrigged trolling lures CHOCT6

Details: Length: 12 inch Weight: 65g

Bullet head green machine style trolling lures.

Maximum contrast with the highest visibility in all light situations.

The soft weighted head provides superb tracking of all sea and wind conditions.

Clear, tough, soft lure head with the clarity and beauty of polished resin.

Tough, tangle-free skirt. All colors refract light in the blue/violet spectrum that gamefish see best.

Teflon center tube to protect the leader.

High-Speed Trolling Lures up to 16 Knots Superb Tracking

Species for: Marlin, Sailfish, Tuna, Mackeral, Kingfish, Ahi, Dolphinfish, Barracuda, Wahoo and any game fish that swims! Main trolling fishing lures and services:

1)Best for Marlin, Tuna, Dolphin, Mahi-mahi, Wahoo etc big game fishing. Trolling fishing lures: 4.5”, 6.5”, 7”, 8”, 9”, 11” Double Soft, Hard, Metal head double skirt trolling lures, Circle hooks and tuna hooks, Spreader-bar, Spreader Bar Squid Bar Big game fishing reel. Spear bar( 4 Arms, 6 Arm, 9 arms etc)

2)Quick assembly and custom unique products for your order.

3)The above fishing use accessory, package etc.

Help your growing fishing tackle business 100 pcs wholesale price, 1000 pcs factory price, Quality guarantee.

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