Kmucutie Fishing Rod Braided Sleeve Pole Glove Cover Protector

1. A fishing line tied together

2. The fishing rod was scratched

Now, Problem solved, we got this fishing road protector.

OK, let’s do it. This fishing protector is made from PET silk and fine which has good abrasion resistance.

This is a good way to prevent annoying tangles and protect your fishing line and road from nicks and scratches

Our fishing rod protector is made of PET material, which is wear-resistant and has a strong expansibility.

lRod protector can effectively prevent the line, the rod between the knot, protect the line and rod from scratch, but also beautify our rod! Convenient for us to carry and transport.

Our rod protector is smooth and flexible, making it easy to wear

Our fishing rod cover supports Logo customization

You can buy our products at ease








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