Lead head jig soft body fishing lure

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Fishing lures>lead metal jigs


Fisherman use jig head combined with soft lures(soft shad lures, soft worms, soft grubs, and soft creature baits);

it could choose different weight jig heads and different soft lures, to suit kinds of fishing situations. According to your

need, to make your own perfect fishing tools for freshwater and saltwater, bass pike trout fishing.
Weight: 20/30/40/45/50g

Colors: 10 colors to choose, customized colors available

As known, jig head with soft lures is a perfect combination for bass fishing; This jig head is a new mould design,

which will have the better effect for bass and pike fishing; The jig head with metal spoon, benefit it rocking and

swimming freely; The smooth surface of spoon, could avoid hanging, reflect silver flashes, make it more attractive.

The head is heavier than tail to avoid hanging; one of the hook tip on the body of soft lure, so it could make vivid

swimming actions, it is a great tool for all fishing situations.

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