Learn how to trolling fishing for marlin, tuna

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Fishing lures

Learn everything you need to know about trolling lures and how to rig them in this In The Spread fishing video. Settle in for some of the most dynamic offshore trolling lure discussions ever compiled. Is there a more hotly debated topic in sports fishing than trolling lures? Probably not! So, as per usual, In the Spread with RJ Boyle dives on in, head first, to bring you the goods. Join RJ as he visits with Black Bart Lures in Palm Beach, Andy Moyes of Moyes Tactical and showcases a selection of Erik Rusnak’s Aloha Lures. In this 3.5+ hour video, RJ shares with you the tools necessary for rigging, skirt selection, how trolling lures are rigged, how various head shapes swim, where to position them in the spread, which hooks to use and why. Wow! When finish watching this video, your eyes are going to be popping out of your head.

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Learn the art of dredge fishing in the In The Spread fishing video. The more knowledge you have, the more dominant you will be. Join RJ Boyle as he goes In the Spread with dredge fishing guru Glenn Cameron. Watch as RJ dissects every component of how to successfully target billfish using dredges. Learn how Glenn turned the competition on it’s head, as he won the Bahamas Billfish Championship utilizing dredges and light tackle. Types of dredges, baits, artificials, positioning the dredge, prospecting, every bit of tackle used. That’s right! It’s all here. Oh, and a special guest appearance by world famous Mike Tarmey, who demonstrates how to rig dredge mullets. When properly deployed, a dredge is a deadly billfish magnet. Made to resemble a bait school, the swimming action of the tightly arrayed mullet or ballyhoo is an impressive underwater spectacle. Learning the ins and outs of dredge fishing will, without a doubt, elevate your chances of catching more fish.

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In the Spread brings you world famous Captain Roddy Hays sharing his insights on lure design concepts and how he properly rigs his marlin lures. Being an extraordinarily accomplished marlin skipper on some of the world’s biggest stages, Roddy knows a thing or more about rigging marlin lures. Watch and learn a few of his rigging techniques. CONCEPTS COVERED: Lure Head Design Lure Selection The Spread Hooks for Lures Basic Rigging Tools Lure Rigging Enjoy! –

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