Soft Shrimp(7cm)


Soft shrimp fishing lure with hook in saltwater

Live smart shrimp TPR lure, lumo eyes and glow

Power soft prawn bait for octopus, cuttlefish and sleeve-fish

Jointed body soft fishing lure

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2311 in stock


The soft shrimp fishing lure with hook, made up of quality TPR material to create soft and high capacity

jointed body, stainless steel hook on back and lumo eyes make it a crazy and perfect fishing tool for many

kinds of fishes; This smart liveshrimp lure is a great choice for all fisherman for octopus, cuttlefish and

sleeve-fish ect.

  • 7cm 7.5g, TPR materal, stainless steel hook
  • 5 sections body, luminous, glow in darkness and water
  • Checkered cloth inside body, high capacity
  • Steel ball inside to make balance and attractive sound


DSC_022 DSC_02070mm合


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