Tuna circle hooks


  •  Lower price and high quality
  •  OEM service is approved
  • Strong  needle eye
  • reversed offset point
  • opp bags and transparent plastic box with several cells in
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This unique one is specially designed to set in the corner of the fishes mouth, making it a great choice for the fresh and saltwater fisherman still wanting to use bait. besides its strong and sharpness comes from the high quality carton steel and heat treatment process which includes quenching and tempering procedures

  •  High carbon steel quality hook
  •  Hook sharp: chemical sharpened
  • Several colors for your choice
  •  Any standard color is available
  •  Size:  #2/0 – #10/0
  •  Lower price and high quality
  •  OEM service is approved
  •  Integral needle eye
  • Black Nickel
  • Reversed offset beak point

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