Squid Jigs Artificial Shrimp Fishing Lures

Squid Jigs Artificial Shrimp Fishing Lures

Kmucutie fishing tackle produce and wholesale quality squid jigs, including different molds and sizes; such as luminous ones, glitter cloth ones, single or double fan-shape hooks. Firstly the squid jigs is a great fishing tool for saltwater fishing, such as squid and octopus cathcing. And then we supply the squid jigs with Japanese quality, lifelike real shrimp to attract the fishes. The most importantly that we supply professional service to our customers, so that we could be your great support for your business.

Brand name:Kmucuite

Item name: Squid Jig

Model: CHS008


Material: ABS plastic with cloth coating

Color: multi color

Package: one jig one pvc box


1. ABS plastic body, in japanese quality, durable to use

2.Bright colors wrapped with the body, to attract the fishe

3. Lifelike real shrimp, glow in deep water and darkness

4.Stainless steel hook, double fan-shape

5.Many color application for any weather


General around 10-45 working days after sample confirmed, due to the order

Our Service:
1. We supply samples to try the quality before final order
2. We supply your private lable packing design service
3. Good and professional after-sale service

You could choose the mold mostly interest in, and you could also have the packaging with your logo.

Please choose Kmucutie Fishing Tackle and catch your market for squid jigs.



Squid Jigs Artificial Shrimp Fishing Lures

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Bucktail jig

The Prime Bucktail Jig has a unique shape of the head and placement of the eyelet which gives this bucktail jig a natural gliding action.When jigged,its body stays parallel for great jigging action.

Brand name:Kmucuite
Item name: Bucktail jig
Model: CFF009
Weight:1/8 oz — 1/4 oz –1/2 oz—3/4 oz—1 oz—1.5oz—2 oz—2.5 oz—3 oz—4oz—6oz –8oz
Material: lead head with natural dear hair
Hooks: stainless steel hook
Color: multi
Package: PVC bag
1.Different from skirts made of rubber, our bucktail jig fishing bait is built with natural hair.
2.Absolute Weedless Bass Fluke Fishing Tackle
3.Effective for catching schooling bass and fluke.
4. Various customized color patterns.
5, Glow in dark water

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Lead Metal Jigging Fishing Lure

We are factory manufacturer and international wholesale supplier for lead metal jigs,including slow sinking jigs,fast sinking jigs,weight ranges from 40g to 300g, with hundreds of models and designs to choose. As a professional wholesale supplier,you will find different designs here,3D big eyes lead jigs,high grad hologram paper lead jigs.

Brand name:Kmucuite
Item name: Lead Metal Jig
Model: CHLP21
Weight: 40g / 60g / 80g / 100g / 120g / 150g / 180g
Material: llead with laser painting
Hooks: can match with hook or soft skirts if you need
Color: 12colors or customized
Package: opp bag with paper card
1. Sharp single eye
2. Hard lead body with painting on
3. Vivid eye target big fish
4. Multi sizes for your choice
5. Laser reflecting paper on the surface

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Trolling lures for saltwater

Made from aerospace resin, our lures will not crack,break,chip or discolor. Our unique molding process requires no extra polishing after molding which guarantees all Kmucutie Lures will be consistent and run the same all the time. Whether targeting Marlin,Tuna,Sailfish,Wahoo,Mahi or Swordfish.

Brand name:Kmucuite
Item name: Trolling lures for saltwater
Model: CHOCT14
Weight: 40g / 60g / 80g / 100g / 120g / 150g / 180g
Material: PVC head+PVC skirt
Hooks: no hook, but can add it if you need.
Color: multi
Package: opp bag with paper card
1. Made of PVC head and PVC skirts
2. Big 3D eyes and bright colors attract fish well
3. Various skirts can be choose.
4. OEM is available
5. Looking for distributors all over the world


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