Summer 2015

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Fishing lures

Well it is time to get this updated!

Summer has come to the Pacific Northwest it feels like!

The Salmon are coming with a total of over 6 thousand so far that have been counted crossing the Wells Dam the last dam on the Columbia river with a fish latter! so that is good news.

I see on facebook the locals are trying to rally to get the season opened June16th this year instead of July 1st. sounds good to me.

I have been busy doing more advertising this year. I placed an ad in the local Omak paper, then placed an ad in the NorthWest Sportsman magazine which ran in May and will run thru the summer. It looks cool and thanks to those folks over there for the nice work they do. I talked to Becca and she plans on coming to the derby this year so will get a chance to meet her maybe, more on the derby later.

I also got ahold of Dave Graybill the Fishin Magician and made a deal with him to place my logo and a link to my web site on his web site. He has a lot of exposure and so that may help.

So I am working on my company hoping it will take off sometime.

Stay tuned for the next entry and it will talk about the Brewster King Salmon Derby it is going to be a good one this year

I will also post updates and also an update on the upgrades on my boat!!

Get out and enjoy the world!! Go fishing but better get some lure and tackle covers to keep your tackle from getting tangled and messed up!!

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