This Bucktail Jig is Flounder and Stripe bass Candy

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Kmucutie-OEM bucktail jig wholesaler
The Prime Bucktail Jig has a unique shape of the head and
placement of the eyelet which gives this bucktail jig a natural gliding action.
When jigged, its body stays parallel for great jigging action.
Size: 1/4oz  3/8oz 1/2oz 1oz / customize
Fish lead head with colorful deer hair
Luminous lead head, glow in water
Rigged strong saltwater hook
Great catcher for weakfish, fluke and other saltwater fishes
Unique shape of the head with big eyes help bring this lure to life.
Individual package, designing freely

The most important :
This Bucktail Jig is Flounder and Stripe bass Candy.
OEM service individual package— high qualitywholesale— low MOQFBA service
Whether you are a online or offline retailer,  a fishing tackle or a trading company , a wholesaler or manufacturer that deserve to owned this bucktail jig!!
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