Welcome to order customized bucktail jigs

Welcome to order customized bucktail jigs

Let’s start off with two question. Why do you see bucktails on the shelves in every tackle shop? Definitely because of the effect they had to catch fish.

Do you want a wonderful bucktail jig that has a delicate head, perfect painting, long natural deer hair, strong hand ties, and sharp hook? Your answer must be YES. Then I recommend this bucktail jig to you. It works great with or without a bait. Whether it’s loaded with fish bites, molded shrimp, gulp or a plastic bait tipped with a scent, they work. It is a jig head with deer hair, when the rod tip is pulled slowly through the water, once stopped, the skirt will open and present itself as a larger bait fish.

This bucktail jig is one of the most versatile lures, it is great in shallow or deep water when fishing on the bottom. Flounder, Seabass, Amberjacks, Cobia, Grouper, Snapper and more have all fallen for this jig. It is excellent for casting, jigging or trolling.


Popular bucktail jig

CFF002 bucktail jig fishing bait is the most classic and popular one among our product line, high quality with much reasonable price. bucktail jig is 100% handmade by skilled workers who have been in the fishing gear industry for more than 20years. A strict quality control system, quality bucktail hair and skilled workers make it become a bass flounder striper killer.

If you fishing at night, early morning or deep water where there is little or no sunlight, this jig will be much help because of the glow head. And this jig has 6popular color, white, chartreuse, blue and white color are the most popular one.

Please don’t miss bucktail jig, it will give you much fun and surprise!

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