Wholesale Thundermist Lure T-Turn 3-Way Swivel Tangle Free Tackle Equipment

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Fishing lures

Trigeminal luminous beads swivel
It has the function of noctilucent, fish guiding and multiple hooks. It improves the rate of upper fish, has large pulling force and is not easy to be wound, and has high sensitivity. It makes the rotation range of the sub line wider and can revolve around the main line 360 degrees.
  • Fish Tangle Free
  • Eliminate Line Twist
  • Salt Water & Fresh Water Rated
  • Black Nickel plating
3X4# force of 35 kilograms, 30 mm long, 15 mm long cross
5X6# force of 30 kilograms, 25 mm long, 12 mm long cross
7X8# force of 19 kilograms, 20 mm long, 11 mm long cross
10X12# force of 9 kilograms, 17 mm long, 9 mm long cross

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